Saturday, February 2, 2013

Terrific Traffic!

Some of the teacher's were a little worried when the school playground was full of police cars and vans one morning last week, but there really was no need to worry - it was just our local friendly policeman who had come to teach us about road safety.

First we watched a video in the hall to refresh our memories about how to be responsible pedestrians.  Then the fun began when we went outside to put our knowledge to the test!

The children navigated their way through a series of traffic lights, signs and zebra crossings.

There was even a roundabout which caused a little confusion.

Then it was time for pedestrians to  join in.  They too had to make their way around the network of roads and crossings safely.


It was only a matter of time before a minor collision brought the traffic to a standstill.
Luckily it was resolved quickly and the traffic flowed smoothly again.  

  The streets of Alfaz are all the safer after our experience!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victorian Values

Vcitorian Children rarely smiled in their class photo.
The children in Upper Primary learned what life was like as Victorian school children went they turned back the clock in their classroom by 100 years.

Not only did they attend school in Victorian attire, they also had Victorian lessons including handwriting with real quin pens and ink.
Alexander concentrates on his handwriting.

Using quill pens, slates and chalk.

Young Victorian children would discuss a given object after studying it briefly.  They would present their findings to the rest of the class.
Silvia chats non-stop for almost a minute.
Anais presents her findings with grace.

Some of the children even brought a Victorian style lunch, wrapped in brown paper!

The learning experiance did not stop at the lessons.  The children also learned that Victorian children were to be seen and not heard, and those not adhering to the strict rules were punished accordingly!
Maja wears the Dunce's hat

Camilo behaviour is not acceptable.

As if being punished by the teacher wasn't enough, the class were then visited by Mrs Cousins - The School Inspector!

After all that hard work, the children went outside to play with some traditional Victorian toys.
Skipping was a popular game.

Christian masters the diablo.

They boys put a modern twist on a game of marbles.

After a hard days work, the children left the classroom as the handbell rang and went home as good, obedient children - we wish!

Friday, March 2, 2012



The Upper Secondary students have really got into the 'swing of things' when studying The Beatles as part of their topic on the sixties.

The children have enjoyed learning about the music of the Beatles so much, they decided they wanted to recreate their own versions of some of the most iconic Beatles album covers.

By carefully selecting appropriate props and locations around the school, they carefully arranged themselves to create almost identical compositions - See what you think!!!!

And the long awaited....
'Upper Primary's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album cover.

Romance in the Infant Department!!

Romance in the Infant department

Yes, it’s true..... Love is in the air in the corridors of SBS as the infant children busy themselves with preparation for Valentine’s day. Miss Forbes has been helping the children to create individual greetings cards to send to their loved ones this Valentine’s day. Of course, no card would be complete without that extra special sprinkling of glitter and that all important message of love, and there’s no one we love more than our mums and dads. Well done Infants!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from the children at SBS.

Welcome to the Chinese year of the Dragon...

Lower Primary Welcome in the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

The children in the Lower Primary class helped to bring in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon by putting on a fantastic class assembly.

They began by retelling a classic Chinese fable on how a wise old emperor of China decided the order of the animals of which each year is named after, before describing the characteristics of a person born in each Chinese year.

The assembly was brought to a close by the handing out of very special hand-made fortune cookies, complete with individual fortunes, all written by the children of Lower Primary themselves.

The Children of Lower Primary would like to thank Mrs Martinez for helping them to organise their assembly and special thanks also to Lulu who helped bring an element of authenticity to the assembly with Chinese clothes and music. Lulu also designed a very special arrangement of Chinese characters for the school which means ‘the bringing together of a family’, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a true reflection of the spirit here at SBS. You can see Lulu’s framed gift to the school in the entrance hall by the school office.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Carnival Day at Sierra Bernia...

Friday the 17th Feb was a special day at Sierra Bernia school, where all pupils, and staff, were involved in a carnival day of games, dressing up,parades, and eating sticky toffee apples and hot dogs!!

In this blog are a series of pictures which capture the family atmosphere at the school.

On the left are 'The Tiger Twins' joining in the fun!! Below right is Lauren of Upper Secondary showing the circus theme of the day ( and selling chocolate pancakes which went down very well !!)

On the left is 'Stan the Magic Man' performing some amazing card tricks which baffled all !!.....

( below right)
.......allowed to be a clown for the day!!

( left)Sofia and Ella joining in the fun of the day!

( Right) The whole Upper Secondary worked hard as team to provide hot dogs, toffee apples, pancakes plus drinks and play the X-Box......hope they made a profit!!

The girls put on a great gymnastic display ( this was one of the few photos where they were caught in mid air!)

All in all a real fun day for all and a perfect way to begin the half term holiday......

Thursday, February 16, 2012

'what a load of rubbish!'.....

Over the last few months, Mr Westcott's Lower Secondary Geography group have been looking at different aspects of environmental pollution. Recently the group went to a country area near Albir to see how much rubbish people do leave behind. The results were surprising.....

For example one group picked up 4 BIG BAGS of rubbish in a small area of woodland, including tin cans, plastic bottles, cigarette packets ,sweet wrappers plus general paper products...on the left are Sofia, Ella and Amalia with their collection of rubbish......

Here are some photos of the other group who also collecting an amazing collection of rubbish plus bits of glass, batteries and gun cartridge cases. Both groups also found a large amount of dog waste which owners had not picked up...On the right are Kieron, Marcelo,Alex, Ahmar, Charlie and Maxim who also found many different types of rubbish..

Above is Ahmar with a sweet wrapper, one wrapper may not seem much, but the groups found many of these in a small area which soon add up to a large amount.....

Sadly, at the end of the park were a group of recycling bins where, with a bit of thought, rubbish could easily have been put....The whole group took part enthusiastically in the project, and at least they are now aware of the need to recycle rubbish and keep our beautiful environment clean and tidy. The last picture shows the view from the top of the hill where we collected the rubbish. It is the kind of view we all want to save for the future....